About Us

Formed in April 1999; the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association has brought together thousands of experts from around the world and provides them a means of working together in the fair, open and extremely fast environment of the Internet to build and maintain the global, open standard dictionaries that are used to unambiguously label information. The existence of these dictionaries of labels allows information to be passed from one computer system to another without losing meaning.

Mission Statement

An international association of industry and government master data managers working together to increase the quality and lower the cost of descriptions of individuals, organizations, goods and services through developing and promoting International Standards for Master Data Quality.

Why Utilize Standards?

When developing e-commerce initiatives and strategies, most organizations today realize the benefits of open standards for content. These benefits include improved competition, interconnectivity and interoperability. In order to establish a true standard there must be processes and procedures that allow for equal participation among all interested parties. Participating in standards development is one of the best ways to stay informed and to build close relationships with companies around the world. Electronic coding standards touch every business, and everyone can participate in and influence standards development.