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What ECCMA Does?

ECCMA is a not-for-profit International Association of Master Data Quality Managers set up in 1999, to develop and maintain open solutions for Faster – Better – Cheaper access to authoritative master data. ECCMA is the original developer of the UNSPSC, the project leader for ISO 22745 (open technical dictionaries and their application to the exchange of characteristic data) and ISO 8000 (information and data quality), as well as, the administrator of US TAG to ISO TC 184 (Automation systems and integration), TC 184/SC 4 (Industrial data) and TC 184/SC 5 (Interoperability, integration, and architectures for enterprise systems and automation applications) and the international secretariat for ISO TC 184/SC 5.

ECCMA Case Studies

ECCMA case studies display the work accomplished by utilizing one of ECCMA’s many different services;eOTD, ISO 8000, eCDM, etc. These case studies showcase which of our services are most valuable to our members. We encourage anyone who has utilized ECCMA’s services to submit a Case Study below and have it featured on the ECCMA website.

Case Studies Submitted

Minera San Cristobal S.A. and Unilink

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To submit a case study, please click the button below, fill out the document and return to Brandi Fisher at please contact Brandi Fisher for additional questions.

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