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Data Master Class Series

1.  Master Data (1 hour): Master data is a uniquely valuable corporate asset, ranging from customer and supplier master data through material and service master data. Mr. Benson will share the greatest lessons learned in his thirty years experience and discuss what it takes to create and maintain the accurate, high quality master data needed by corporations and government agencies today.

2.  ISO 8000 quality data (1 hour): As the project leader responsible for the development of the international standard for data and information quality, Mr. Benson will share his insight not only on how this standard is used today to objectively measure the quality of data and information but also why this amazing standard is set to change forever how data is collected, stored, exchanged and referenced.

3.  Cataloging (1 hour): The NATO cataloging method is the dominant international method for creating standardized descriptions of all goods and services. Mr. Benson will explain why this simple method is so important to any company seeking to describe the goods or services they sell both nationally and internationally as well as why this simple method can help companies and government agencies dramatically improve their procurement.

4.  Classifications (1 hour): From nominal accounting codes through spend analysis classifications all the way to customs tariff classifications and classifications for taxation and regulation; understanding how to determine the correct classification is critical but so is the ability to defend the classification. As the original author of the UNSPSC, the widely used spend analysis and procurement classification, Mr. Benson will share his unique insight on how and when to use a standard classification as well as how and when to develop your own.

5.   Corporate Dictionary (1 hour): A corporate dictionary is fundamental to data governance and data quality. As the project leader for ISO 22745 and the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary, Mr. Benson will share insights into building and maintain a corporate dictionary as well as how to use a dictionary to improve both the quality and portability of data.

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