ECCMA Certificate Registration 2018-05-28T08:52:32+00:00

Quality Data Provider (ISO 8000 - QDP)


Qualifications: ECCMA will certify and register that a data provider is compliant with ISO 8000-110:2009 by verifying that they have demonstrated the ability to:

Send master data in eOTD-r-xml
Develop and publish data requirements in eOTD-i-xml
Generate queries in eOTD-q-xml
Respond to queries using eOTD-r-xml
Validate master data in eOTD-r-xml for compliance with data requirements in eOTD-i-xml

Note : The certificate and registration is valid for one year and must be renewed annually.

Load your data from ECCMA database

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Require printed and signed certificate (50 USD per organization)


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