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The purpose of the eSTS Builder is to create ISO 22745 part 40 compliant technical specifications. It achieves this by providing the necessary framework to convert your existing technical specifications into portable data that is machine-readable.

Increasingly, large buyers and government agencies are making standardized quality part numbers and standardized product specifications mandatory. ISO 8000 part 115 is the international standard for standardized part numbers. The standard requires the addition of a prefix before the part number that identifies the owner of the part number.

The prefix can be either a:

  • QUIP (Quality Identifier Prefix)

Commercial prefix managed by Quiplab, which allows you to use your brand name as the prefix

  • NCAGE (NATO Commercial and Government Entity)

Free prefix issued by the NATO AC/135 cataloging community, which is an alpha-numeric string

The eSTS Builder is a free to use tool, which brings together your prefix and eOTD referenced properties to create specifications in a standard format, which are ISO 8000 compliant.