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An eSTS (ECCMA Standard Technical Specification) is a specification in a standard format which complies with ISO 22745 part 40 where properties have been described using the eOTD (ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary) as the ISO 22745 part 10 Open Technical Dictionary.

Creating an eSTS does not require changing your existing technical specifications in any way or form, but only converts them from its syntax version to an XML version. This makes your product specification:

  • Portable
  • Exchangeable without loss of meaning
  • Machine readable

When you create an eSTS for your product, it conforms to ISO8000 quality data requirements. You can then publish it to the eTSR(ECCMA Technical Specification Registry) which is an globalregistry of technical specifications which can be accessed free anddownload technical specifications in XML format.

ECCMA offers a free to use tool (registration required) the eSTS Builder, to enable you to achieve this easily and efficiently.