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Master Data Quality Manager

About the Certification

Quality Master Data is the key enabler to
reducing costs and increasing sales.
ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager (ISO
8000 MDQM) certification is the badge of
those who know how to deliver portable
master data that meets stated requirements.

ECCMA will certify and register that an
individual is a Master Data Quality Manager
and has basic knowledge about ISO 8000, ISO
22745, and how the standards can be applied
to produce and identify quality data. This
certification is based on the 100 series of the

After your application has been processed,
you will be emailed a username and
password to log into the certification area.
This area contains the self-learning resources,
the ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager
Test, an instructor survey as well as bonus

* This certificate and registration is valid for two years and must be renewed to remain in the certified list.


eCertificate: FREE
Printed and signed Certificate: USD 50

Instructor Led Training

In addition to the online training available
for this course, there are options in several
languages for taking the course with an
instructor. The instructor led training can be
delivered either online or in a classroom.
• 1 Day Classroom Training
• Highly experienced & certified trainer
• Limited attendance to ensure focus and
• Course Fee includes signed certificate and
examination fee
• Tips and recommendations related to your
• Feedback from test results

Available Instructors
For instruction in English:
Steven Arnett
For instruction in Spanish:
Gerardo Leal
For instruction in Chinese:
Hui-Yuan (Delphine) Lin
For instruction in Polish:
Marek Dalkowski


Dependent on location, participant
numbers and duration

Course Structure

The training material and course structure
will cover ISO 8000 in relation to Master Data
(100 series parts of the standard)

1. Introduction
   • Objectives
   • About the Test
2. History and Background
   • ISO 8000
   • ISO 22745
3. Principles
   • Defining Quality
   • Requirements
   • Standards
   • Portable Data
4. ISO 8000 – Data Quality
   • Standards for Codification
   • ISO 8000 Part 110
   • ISO 8000 Parts 115, 116, 120, 130
5. ISO 22745 – Open Technical
   • Dictionaries
   • Architecture
   • Dictionary
   • Concept Encoding
   • Templates
6. Sources of Data
   • Cataloguing at Source
   • Validation and specifications from
7. Cataloging Process
   • Scope and Process
   • Steps for manufacturers
8. Case Studies


The Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA), is a member based, international not-for-profit association committed to improving data quality through the implementation of international standards. ECCMA is the current project leader for the development of ISO 8000 and ISO 22745, which are the international standards for data quality and the exchange of material and service master data.

ECCMA provides a platform for collaboration amongst subject experts on data quality and data governance around the world to build and maintain global, open standard dictionaries that are used to unambiguously label information. The existence of these dictionaries of labels allows information to be passed from one computer system to another without losing meaning.