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Membership Types

ECCMA offers three types of membership that provide varying levels of access to ECCMA tools and resources.

Associate Member

Associate membership is designed for individuals or organizations that have an interest in master data quality.

As an associate member, you will have access to eOTD classification tables (UNSPSC, CPV, FSC), and you can participate in the development of the eOTD. ECCMA will also provide you with guidance on the implementation of ISO 22745 and ISO 8000, and free access to training materials and participation in member-only training webinars.

Full Member

Full membership is designed for companies interested in extracting value from their master data or for service providers who assist companies in managing the quality of their master data.

A full membership includes all the benefits of associate membership for a single nominated representative as well as uniquely valuable resources designed to reduce the cost of acquiring and maintaining quality master data. These include:

  • ECCMA will map your corporate dictionary to the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD), your first step in becoming ISO 8000 compliant

  • Full access to the ECCMA library of open cataloguing templates (eDRR)

  • Full access to the ECCMA Shared Material Master (eSMM) which contains specifications in standard format for an extensive library of commonly used materials. You can search for a product specification by full or partial ISO 8000-115 product reference (supplier prefix and part number) or by product characteristics.

  • Full access to the ECCMA ALEI (eALEI) which you can use as part of the process for onboarding or annual validation of suppliers or customers.

Charter Member

Charter membership is required to mirror ECCMA registries or to be an ISO 8000-115 registrar.

A charter membership offers all the benefits of full membership plus integrated access to all ECCMA registries and integration support.