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ISO 8000 Quality Data Principles

ISO 8000 Quality Data Principles  -  Whitepaper

An overview of ISO 8000 and its most relevant parts that can be used to improve data quality, and minimize costs within an organzations operations.

File Type: PDF || File Size:  1.31 MB ||  Number of Pages:  12 ||  Written By:  Peter R. Benson ||  Published:  January 2019

ISO/DIS 8000-116 ALEI Prefixes

ISO/DIS 8000-116 ALEI Prefixes  -  Whitepaper

A list of recommended ISO/DIS 8000-116 ALEI Prefixes

File Type: PDF || File Size:  1.2 MB ||  Number of Pages:  34 ||  Written By:  ECCMA ||  Published:  May 2018

Onboarding Trading Partners

Onboarding Trading Partners  -  Whitepaper

With the now widespread use of ERP systems, onboarding a new trading partner can be a lengthy process, which causes a significant barrier to trade. This white paper illustrates how using an Authoritative Legal Entity Identifier (ALEI) based on the ISO 8000- 115 standard can streamline the onboarding process.

File Type: PDF || File Size:  934 KB ||  Number of Pages:  10 ||  Written By:  Peter R. Benson ||  Published:  February 2018

Master Data cleansing is dead

Master Data cleansing is dead  -  Whitepaper

Master Data cleansing is dead. The publication of ISO 8000-115 is the final nail in the coffin and while there are still pockets of resistance, it is as futile as the resistance of night soil collectors to indoor plumbing.Data cleansing is as its name implies is a tedious and dirty business. You start with a description created by engineering, maintenance or procurement and you try to figure out what the item really is. In theory at least, the item was purchased from a known supplier but that could have been years ago.

File Type: PDF || File Size:  599 KB ||  Number of Pages:  8 ||  Written By:  Peter R. Benson ||  Published:  November 2017

How an ECCMA Membership Can Benefit You

How an ECCMA Membership Can Benefit You  -  Whitepaper

How an ECCMA Membership Can Benefit You.Now, more than ever before, the importance of data quality is being realised as a burning issue. The Electronic Commerce Code Management Association has been at the forefront shaping data quality standards since 1999, and is the project leader for ISO 8000 - the international standard for data quality. With over 800,000 man-hours invested towards this effort, ECCMA understands the complexities of embarking on data improvement projects. This white paper provides insight into ECCMAs journey and illustrates how an ECCMA membership could help you dramatically improve your data quality and thereby your operational efficiency.

File Type: PDF || File Size:  350 KB ||  Number of Pages:  14 ||  Written By:  Peter R. Benson ||  Published:  September 2017