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ECCMA Shared Master Data

The eSMD is a collection of material and service master data records stored in the ECCMA Shared Material Master (eSMM) register as well as trading partner master data record stored in the ECCMA Authoritative Legal Entity Identifier (eALEI) register.

Each record in the eSMD is identified by a unique ECCMA record number. The record contains public characteristic data and public reference data that may have been obtained from multiple sources at different times.

The data in the eSMD is ISO 8000-110 compliant, it is portable data where the concept names, labels or codes used for fields, attributes, characteristic or properties and the controlled, enumerated or common values are defined in the ECCMA open Technical Dictionary (eOTD).

The data in the eSMD is ISO 8000-115 compliant, part numbers, drawing numbers, trading partner numbers contain a registered prefix used to identifies the issuer and the legal owner of the number.

The data in the eSMD is ISO 8000-120 compliant, the data contains provenance, the source reference and date of all values are tracked.

The SDFx format (ISO 22745-40) is used to download data from the eSMD


Authoritative Legal Entity Identifier

The Authoritative Legal Entity Identifier (ALEI) is based on the application of the ISO 8000-115 standard to identifying and verifying the existence of an organization. An ALEI consists of a prefix that identifies the business entity register where your business was legally registered followed by the business registration number.


ECCMA Shared Material Master

The eSMM is a large repository of SDFx files of commonly used materials, that can be searched and viewed, depending on type of membership. Technical specifications can be downloaded in XML or CSV format, for unambiguous sharing across multiple platforms and languages.

Free registration is required to access basic functionality of the eSMM. ECCMA Members can access advanced features offered by the eSMM.


Free Registration Required

eSMM Feature Access





Access SDFx Builder 1

Upload items to eSMM through SDFx Builder 2

Resolve an ISO 8000-115 identifier through web service on eSMM

Scan a QR code to access a private link to read the specifications of an item in the eSMM

Query Public WHOIS on prefix registry through user interface on ECCMA site

Separate login to eSMM

Statistics on downloads of SDFx

Expedited approval of items published to the eSMM (2-3 days)

Integrate with ECCMA web services to publish or unpublish an SDFx in the eSMM

Search using characteristics

Batch upload of catalog

Pre-Approval of items uploaded to eSMM3

1Free registration required

2A verification process will be required and delays may be encountered depending on queue

3The SDFx will appear in the eSMM as an approved item when published, but will be unpublished if found to be invalid due to content issues