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Scoping Study

The ECCMA Data Cleansing Project Scoping Study is designed to provide ECCMA members with an independent and authoritative assessment of the quality of their data prior to contracting for data cleansing services.

The objective is to define the quantity and quality of the source data and provide a framework for measuring the quality of the data to be delivered by the contractor. The ECCMA Scoping Study helps companies focus on those items that matter most, saving precious time and money in the MDM improvement efforts.

Basic Principles

In the context of data used to identify or describe materials or services, the quality of a master data record is determined by comparing the record to a stated requirement for the master data, that defines the mandatory and optional data elements and data types or constraints required to unambiguously identify and describe the item.

Data requirements are function specific. Data elements required to place a successful purchase order with the current supplier (Level 1 Data) may be different from the data elements required for the allocation of a spend analysis classification (Level 2 Data) or insufficient to request competitive quotations from other suppliers for functionally equivalent or competitive items (Level 4 data).

In order for a data record to be compared to a data requirement, the definitions of the data elements used in both, the data record and the data requirement must be consistent.

ECCMA utilizes both the ISO 22745 series and ISO 8000 series international standards in the performance of the scoping study.

Statement Of Work

If you are interested in ECCMA’s Data Cleansing Scoping Studies and would like to receive more information or a Statement of Work, please see the data ECCMA requires to conduct a scoping study below

  • Material Master – Contains the Material master on which the Scoping Study been performed.
    Click here for sample Material Master.

  • Vendor Master – Vendor Master of your organization.
    Click here for sample Vendor Master.

  • Purchase Order Transactions – Three year’s of Purchase Transactions.
    Click here for sample Purchase Order Transactions.