Use ISO 8000 to increase
    supply chain efficiency


Quick Start Implementation
  with Enterprise Scalability

Consistent Descriptions

Efficient creation of ISO 8000
compliant classifications and
standardized descriptions

Consolidated Inventory

Improved visibility across multiple,
disparate and disconnected ERP

Advanced Material Search

Powerful search features which
improve material visibility across
the enterprise

No Data Cleansing

One-click data validation with
supplier eliminating costly data
cleansing procedures

What is the eMDV?

The eMDV or ECCMA Master Data Validator, is a web-based cataloguing application, which supports a proven, well documented standard industry process to drive business performance through improved definition of what is bought. The functionality of the eMDV is based on the ISO 8000 and ISO 22745 standards.

Simple, improved visibility and search, combined with the ability for requisitioners and procurement staff to use web-based cataloguing to efficiently create standardized purchase order descriptions and classifications, is often all that is needed to start realizing supply chain cost efficiency in preparation for a larger and more comprehensive MDM software initiative.

Why eMDV?

Better Data = Better Results
Master Data quality directly translates into business performance and profitability

Reduce duplicate or excess inventory

Remedy false stock-outs

Eliminate maverick purchasing

Manage and monitor slow or dead stock

Generate detailed Business Intelligence and Analytics

Lower cost through targeted competitive supplier bidding