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Why Others Become Certified

  • To learn the cataloging process that follows the standard
  • To make a catalogue compliant with the international standard
  • To improve knowledge, professionally
  • To improve data accuracy and portability
  • For use in product data management
  • Expanding knowledge in data governance

What Our Client Says

“My mission at Brady Corporation- as Head of Master Data Governance- is to increase the overall quality of product master data. Since I fulfill my role, we’ve invested already quite some time in defining data requirements and documenting concepts in an in-house dictionary. I’m convinced ISO 8000 can support us to pursue on our track and provide Brady Corporation with a competitive edge. Learning about ISO 8000 confirmed we started at the Brady Corporation to do the right things to improve on that quality. Certification will allow us to adjust and improve”.
Axel Maeyens, Brady Corporation
“An ISO 8000 Certification is the first of its kind (that I am aware of) that speaks directly to Master Data Management and it’s supported by an International Standard”.
“At our organization, we had an end-goal to have better master data but not obtain and maintain that data in an efficient way. ISO 8000 should give us that methodology”.
“With the Certification all of our company’s employees are now certified, which makes a good brand when pursuing business opportunities in data quality management”.
“ISO 8000 provided benefits of understanding the standardized approach to data quality and the data dictionary. With the enhancement to my credibility at the office, we proceed with developing and deploying a Data Governance solution”.