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What is the US TAG?

In order to establish a true standard there must be processes and procedures that allow for equal participation among all interested parties. US technical experts to the ISO Technical Committees are organized into Technical Advisory Groups (TAG), which formulate the US position on ISO TC matters. These positions are formally submitted by ANSI, as the US voting member to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Any individual or organization based in the United States of America that has an interest in standards development is encouraged to participate through the ANSI accredited Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

ISO TC 184 – Automation Systems and Integration

ISO TC 184 is the ISO technical committee responsible for the development of ISO 8000 – the international standard for data quality.

The committee is organized into three sub-committees:

  • TC 184/SC 1 Physical device control

  • TC 184/SC 4 Industrial data

  • TC 184/SC 5 Architecture, communications and integration frameworks

ECCMA is the ANSI accredited administrator of the US TAG to TC 184, subcommittees SC 4 and SC 5.The US does not currently participate in SC 1.

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Participating in ISO TC 184

Electronic coding standards touch every business and service, and everyone can participate in and influence standards development. Participating in international standards development is one of the best ways to stay informed and build close mutually beneficial relationships with companies around the world.

There are many advantages to joining the US TAG to TC 184.  As a member, you will:

  • Shape the future of your industry by lending expertise to the creation of data quality standards that will affect your business and international trade

  • Benchmark your company’s position in the global marketplace

  • Have access to documents at all stages of the process

  • Network with peers from around the world


There is an annual fee payable by all individuals or organizations participating in the US TAG to cover the administration of the TAG by ECCMA and ANSI.



TC 184


TC 184 SC 4


TC 184 SC 5


* As many members may wish to join in more than one TAG, the fee to join all three U.S. TAGs (ISO/TC 184, SC 4 and SC 5) will be a single fee of $10,000.

* Membership renewals are to be completed by January 1st of every year.

ECCMA is a not for profit association dedicated to the development and promotion of open standards, it is committed to ensuring that there is no financial barrier to the participation in the development of international standards. If any individual or organization is unable to participate because the administration fee represents an excessive financial burden they may apply to the ECCMA Board of Directors for their administration fee to be discussed.

To join the US TAG or for enquiries related to the US TAG, please email the US TAG Administrator (sheron.koshy@eccma.org)