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ECCMA Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Through the Looking Glass - A data quality guide for product managers

New requirements from large buyers and government agencies are making standardized quality part numbers and standardized product specifications mandatory. Product managers (Chief Product Officer, SVP or VP Product Management, Director Product Management, Group Product Manager, Product Owner) are responsible for creating identifiers (part numbers) and specifications for the products they manage - they are the authoritative source of the product master data that flows through the supply chain. This whitepaper provides guidance for Product Managers in the creation and management of quality identifiers and specifications that meet international standards.

File Size: 954 KB Number of Pages: 16
Written By: Peter R. Benson Publish Date: March 2017

File Type: pdf

Whitepaper: Quality Data in the Mining Industry

Mining differs from other industries in that the location of mining facilities are not the result of the analysis of labor markets or the logistics of delivering the product to customers. In mining, it truly is about location, location, location, except that there is little choice of location: you go where the mineral deposits are. The location largely dictates the labor pool and many of the costs. On the other side, most minerals are traded on the commodity exchanges, and a mining company has limited influence on price. With labor costs dictated by location and revenue dictated by the markets, profit lies in operational efficiency.

File Size: 388 KB Number of Pages: 5
Written By: Peter R. Benson Publish Date: August 2015

File Type: pdf

Whitepaper: Advanced Cataloging and Master Data Management

The terms Cataloging and Codification are synonyms, they are used to name a process to create and maintain Master Data. Master Data is defined in ISO 8000 as “data held by an organization that describes the entities that are both independent and fundamental for that organization, and that it needs to reference in order to perform its transactions”

File Size: 2044 KB Number of Pages: 36
Written By: Peter R. Benson Publish Date: January 2015

File Type: pdf

Whitepaper: Naming and Describing Services

Cataloging is the process of identifying and describing items, it is most commonly applied to materials but it can also be successfully applied to services. While cataloging still requires a level of expertise, it has now become a defined process that delivers repeatable results in the form of material and service master data, as well as, classification names and descriptions that are consistent and contain the information needed for contracting, requisitioning, purchasing and analysis.

File Size: 526 KB Number of Pages: 9
Written By: Peter R. Benson Publish Date: July 2014

File Type: pdf

Whitepaper: Quality Identifiers Are the Key to Unlocking True Data Quality

Identifiers are the currency of our electronic world; they connect us to the real world. Just as the value of money is largely a function of the confidence in the ability to convert it back to real assets, so is the value of an identifier a function of the confidence in the ability to convert it back to the data it represents, this is called “identifier resolution”.

File Size: 343 KB Number of Pages: 5
Written By: Peter R. Benson Publish Date: March 2014

File Type: pdf

Whitepaper: Managing a Data Cleansing Process for Material or Service Master Data

  Data Cleansing Workbook

Data cleansing or cataloging has come a very long way over the last ten years. The purpose of this White Paper is to provide an insight into the process of data cleansing, to make it easier to evaluate data cleansing proposals and to make it possible for you to manage a data cleansing project with confidence.

File Size: 2051 KB Number of Pages: 34
Written By: Peter R. Benson Publish Date: June 2013

File Type: pdf

Whitepaper: Data Quality in the Finance Industry

Data has indeed become king in the financial industry but not just any data, the financial industry has developed an unhealthy dependency on identifiers and the proliferation of unofficial and often poorly managed identifier registries is compounding the problem. This white paper will take you through solving real problems in the finance industry using international data quality standards designed for the military.

File Size: 589 KB Number of Pages: 12
Written By: Peter R. Benson Publish Date: June 2013

File Type: pdf

Whitepaper: Creating New Material or Service Names and Descriptions in SAP


One of SAP's strengths is that it allows you to change material names and descriptions very easily. However, its weakness is that it provides, little to no, guidance on how to create a consistent high quality name or description. This White Paper describes the tried and tested processes of creating high quality, consistent names and descriptions in SAP, as well as, in any other ERP application.

File Size: 1038 KB Number of Pages: 25
Written By: Peter R. Benson Publish Date: December 2012

File Type: pdf

Whitepaper: Managing a Master Data Supply Chain

This invigorating White Paper is a great tutorial on how to use cataloging at source (C@S) and the various ways to improve the speed and lower the cost of acquiring and distributing quality master data. At its most basic, C@S is fundamentally simple. It consists of knowing what data you need (requirements for data), knowing how to ask for the data and knowing who to ask.

File Size: 1006 KB Number of Pages: 18
Written By: Peter R. Benson Publish Date: October 2012

File Type: pdf

Whitepaper: Building and Maintaining a Corporate Dictionary

Most companies in the industry have realized that building and maintaining a corporate dictionary and data requirements registry is the start to achieving data quality. This ECCMA White Paper explains not the, "Why?" but the, "How?". It also introduces the eCDM™ (ECCMA Corporate Dictionary Manager). The eCDM (, an open source application, is linked to the eOTD®and is available to all ECCMA members.

File Size: 729 KB Number of Pages: 7
Written By: Peter R. Benson Publish Date: September 2012

File Type: pdf

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