eSAC – ECCMA Spend Analysis Classification


Managing diverse spending across various categories and classes can be a daunting task. That’s where eSAC (ECCMA Spend Analysis Classification) comes in, offering a robust and user-friendly system to categorize and analyze your procurement activities. Developed by ECCMA, a leading expert in spend analysis, eSAC provides the foundation for optimizing your purchasing decisions and reducing costs.

What is eSAC?

eSAC is a four-level hierarchical classification system that categorizes your spending data into relevant categories, subcategories, classes, and subclasses. This structure allows you to:

• Identify and optimize purchases: Easily find specific commodities and their associated costs, enabling targeted cost reduction strategies.
• Identify best suppliers: Analyze spending patterns to identify suppliers who offer the best value for your needs.
• Improve contract negotiations: Leverage spending insights to negotiate better terms with suppliers.
• Enhance product cataloging: Organize and categorize your product offerings for more efficient management.
• Segment customers and suppliers: Gain deeper understanding of your customer and supplier base based on their spending patterns.
• Detect fraud: Identify unusual spending patterns that might indicate fraudulent activity.

Key Features of eSAC:

• Balanced depth and flexibility: eSAC offers a manageable four-level structure with the ability to add additional levels as needed.
• Straightforward coding: A simple alphanumeric code system makes it easy to understand and use eSAC.
• AI/ML compatibility: eSAC’s textual definitions and attribute templates are designed for seamless integration with AI and machine learning tools.
• Openness and collaboration: eSAC links to existing standards like UNSPSC and KSAUC, promoting interoperability and collaboration.
• Free access to core features: The basic eSAC table and links to the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary are available for free.

ECCMA Spend Analysis Classification (eSAC) is ISO 8000 compliant.

• Each eSAC code is linked to the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD) by eOTD Concept ID, Term ID, and Definition ID.
• The eOTD is an ISO 22745-compliant dictionary managed by ECCMA, it is an open technical dictionary of cataloging concepts used to create unambiguous language-independent descriptions of individuals, organizations, locations, goods, and services.

How to Get Started with eSAC:

Joining the eSAC community is easy:

1. Request the Draft: Download the draft version of eSAC for review and provide your valuable feedback to help refine the system.
2. Explore the Resources: Access the free eSAC table and links to the eOTD to start using eSAC in your organization.
3. Become an ECCMA Member: To unlock advanced features like cataloging templates and cross-mapping tables, consider becoming an ECCMA member.

Shape the Future of Spend Analysis:

By embracing eSAC, you can gain valuable insights into your spending patterns and make informed purchasing decisions. We invite you to join us in shaping the future of spend analysis and unlock the full potential of your procurement operations.

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