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ECCMA is a member based, not-for-profit International Association of Master Data Quality Managers established in 1999, to develop and maintain open solutions for Faster – Better – Cheaper access to authoritative master data. More >



The vast experience ECCMA has gathered working on the development of international standards for data quality and complex master data governance projects has helped develop practical tools designed to overcome real-world challenges faced when implementing master data improvement projects.

ECCMA Master Data Validator

(Recommended for Buyers)

A web-based cataloging application built around the ISO 8000 standard, using the eOTD (ISO 22745 compliant) to generate material and service descriptions

Key Features & Benefits

  • Access to a large library of ISO 8000 compliant cataloging templates

  • Advanced search features which improve material visibility

  • Automated duplicate recognition

  • One-click data validation with supplier

  • Powerful Business Intelligence tools

ECCMA SDFx Builder

SDFx Builder

(Recommended for Manufacturers and Suppliers)

A free to use tool for manufacturers and suppliers to create ISO 8000 compliant specifications in a standard format

Key Features & Benefits

  • Access to a large library of ISO 8000 compliant cataloging templates

  • Easy creation of ISO 8000 compliant product descriptions

  • Creates portable, machine readable product descriptions

  • Helps buyers find your product more easily

  • Future-proofs products in the rapidly evolving digital supply chain


ECCMA provides access to ISO 8000 compliant shared master data resources that can help to lower the cost of achieving quality master data

ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary

An ISO 22745 compliant dictionary in the public domain, used to create unambiguous, language independent descriptions for goods and services

ECCMA Data Requirements Registry

An expansive library of ISO 8000 compliant cataloging templates created using terminology from the eOTD

ECCMA Shared Master Data

A database of ISO 8000 compliant vendor and material master records against which existing records can be screened


Free insights on creating quality data, master data governance and how to adopt and implement ISO 8000