Supplier Master Data: Basic principles and methods for onboarding suppliers and maintaining a high-quality Supplier Master

ECCMA webinar scheduled for 11 am EST, Friday, 2022-01-07   Register Here
ECCMA webinar scheduled for 7 am EST, Wednesday, 2022-01-12   Register Here
Webinar Description

An accurate, up-to-date supplier master is a valuable business asset; it allows faster and better-informed decisions and is key to managing risk and compliance with the new corporate transparency requirements.

With dozens of third parties promoting their proprietary supply chain management and supplier risk management solutions along with supplier networks and portals offering prequalified lists of suppliers, it should be easy to find and onboard suppliers, yet it is not so. Identifying, qualifying, and onboarding suppliers remains a challenging, frustrating, and expensive process for both parties.

In this one-hour webinar, Peter Benson will be covering the basic principles needed to collect and maintain quality supplier master data. Peter will be addressing how to successfully leverage third-party applications and data to build and manage a truly independent, high-quality supplier master as a valuable business asset.

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