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ECCMA Whitepaper - Business Register Data for the Modern Supply Chain - 2023 Report - by Hayley Thompson - January 2024 Version 1  -  Whitepaper

Business registers are essential to the safe and effective functioning of today’s global supply chain. These registries collect and create data about the businesses they originate, encompassing vital details essential for decision-making and fraud prevention across the entire supply chain. This report assessed the availability of 31 key data elements related to the supply chain on 275 business register websites and provided a ranking of them based on that availability. The availability of data varies significantly among business registries; they are the trusted, authoritative source on the businesses they serve and should aim to make their data easily verifiable to aid the success of those businesses. The report discusses why specific data elements in business registries hold significance in the supply chain and suggests potential avenues for standardizing data to enhance understanding and interoperability.

File Type: PDF || File Size:  1,433 KB ||  Number of Pages:  52 ||  Written By:  Hayley Thompson ||  Published On:  January 2024