ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager (MDQM)


If you would like to contact us directly regarding our ISO certifications, please contact Ruth Hinojosa

ECCMA will certify and register/renewal that an individual is a Master Data Quality Manager and has basic knowledge about ISO 8000, ISO 22745, and how the standards can be applied to produce and identify quality data. This certification is based on the 100 series of the standard.

After your application has been processed, you will be emailed a username and password to log into the certification area. This area contains the ISO 8000 presentation, the ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager Test, and instructor survey as well as bonus materials.

Note: Certification (New or Renewed) is achieved by receiving 80% or above on the ISO 8000 certification quiz (provided upon registration). Quiz must be taken within one month of the date of application. After the month expires, the individual must re-apply. By request this can be extended.

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The organization/company will need to be validated through the creation or selection (if previously registered) of an ALEI (Authoritative Legal Identifier). When registering as part of an organization you can register one or more individuals to apply for the certification.


MDQM certificate will include personal information only.


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 Required printed and signed certificate (50 USD per user)

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