Unveiling the Future of Spend Analysis: Introducing the ECCMA Spend Analysis Classification (eSAC)


We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking development in the realm of spend analysis – the draft release of the ECCMA Spend Analysis Classification (eSAC). Representing the culmination of 25 years of expertise in building and implementing spend classifications, eSAC marks a significant leap forward. In an era where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning stand at our doorstep, it is imperative to introduce a classification system that is not only tailored for modern needs but is equally user-friendly for both humans and machines.

Key Details

The eSAC is a four-level hierarchical classification comprising category, subcategory, class, and subclass. What sets it apart is its commitment to achieving a delicate balance and substantial depth. The architecture, employing a straightforward four-alphanumeric code, ensures manageable growth and equilibrium. The depth is enhanced through strategic links to the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD) for terminology, the ECCMA Data Requirements Repository (eDRR) for cataloging templates, and rules for automated conversion of structured characteristic data. Moreover, cross-mapping tables to well-established standards such as UNSPSC, KSAUC, HS, CPV, NCS, and ICS further enrich the classification.

Request the Draft

we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. The draft version of eSAC is available for review, and your valuable feedback is crucial in refining this resource. Simply reach out to to request your copy and contribute to the evolution of this classification system

Significance of Spend Analysis

The primary objective of spend analysis is to draw insights from past procurement activities, guiding future endeavors to reduce both cost and risk. Whether in strategic purchasing, MRO, or amidst the commoditization of services, having a generic spend analysis classification that truly serves its purpose is paramount.

Depth for AI/ML Implementation

The success of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning hinges on depth, and eSAC is designed with this principle in mind. It facilitates verification, validation, and automation of classification through its textual definitions, compliant with ISO 22745-11 guidelines, and templates listing attributes essential for describing class members.

Accessing eSAC

The eSAC table, along with links to the eOTD, is available free of charge. For access to cataloging templates and cross-mapping tables, ECCMA membership is required. Contact to obtain your copy and explore the comprehensive features of eSAC.

Join us in shaping the future of spend analysis. Your insights matter!