ECCMA’s 22nd Birthday!

Today is a Day of Celebration:

ECCMA’s 22nd Birthday!

ECCMA was born 20 April 1999!

The Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA) is a member based, international not-for-profit association committed to improving data quality through the use of international standards.

The interests and needs of ECCMA’s members are what drives the association’s agenda. Thank you so much to those organizations and individuals coming together as ECCMA’s members over the last 22 years to make ECCMA what it is today! ECCMA looks forward to celebrating many more birthdays and being there for and because of its members in the years ahead.

(Would you like a summary of ECCMA’s latest membership types and benefits? If so, check out this overview or feel free to email to ask questions or set up a call.)

A sincere thank you also to all of those individuals who have worked for and with ECCMA over the years and over the world! Your dedication and expertise have enabled ECCMA to serve its members and to be a leader in ISO 8000 data quality solutions for the supply chain.
 Do you celebrate your organization’s birthday? If not, maybe you should; it’s a very important day! Do you even know its legal birthday? Would you like to know?

At no cost, ECCMA can research your organization’s birthday (date of formation) and, if we verify its information in the appropriate government register, we can provide you a legal name verification certificate (see example below) for your records and as third party verification of your organization’s legal name, authoritative legal entity identifier, and date of formation when other organization’s onboard you as a trading partner.

All you have to do is request to add your organization’s record to and ECCMA will then research and verify your information; click here to do so or email if you have any questions on the process.