The ECCMA Activity Review and Membership Benefits document is now available on the download page.

The presentation for the recent webinar “ECCMA Activity Review and Membership Benefits” is now available in the publication section of the site.  The recording is also available with every webinar presented by ECCMA here.

From the UNSPSC to ISO 22745 and the eOTD through to ISO 8000, the international standard for information and data quality and now the new ISO Working Group formed to develop standards for Supply Chain Interoperability and Integration (SCII), we have clearly made tangible progress. As the implementation of standards and best practices influence data governance maturity and the quality of data, we can now focus on information quality, our goal and ultimate deliverable. These are challenging and exciting times where data makes a real difference.

Check out the webinar or presentation where we discuss the current state of ECCMA and our plans for the future. Learn how you, either as an individual or as an organization, can collaborate with ECCMA on standards that improve the quality and lower the cost of authoritative data, data that is necessary to create resilient and adaptable supply chains that will be required if we are to achieve our sustainability and digital transformation objectives.